Monday, August 18, 2014

Morning Addition: Poking the Bear

After the last post went live, a reader informed me that a website exists which serves as the propaganda hole for the GMC branded Denali. While I have my doubts about whether or not it is an official GM webpage (mostly due to the horrible grammar and spelling), it still bears their name and is chock full of lies. Much like the bike itself; is it manufactured by GM? No. It does however, bear the "Officially Licensed Product" sticker. A sign to me that GM in fact stands behind the product enough to take a paycheck from the sale of them. 

So what are you to believe about the Denali and other GM branded bicycles? 

"GMC bikes are made by the same great manufacturer company which makes GMC trucks."

Not true, they are made by a factory in China that exports them. 

"Therefore, it can be guaranteed that GMC bikes are made with the same technology and precision of GMC trucks."

Again, not true. Unless of course GM has started using inferior parts assembled by under qualified personnel. Yeah, the Unions would love that.

"This is also an assurance that GMC bikes are delivered in the same fine quality of their truck counterparts."

Yeah, I never saw a GMC truck fall apart during the first use, so I'm gonna have to disagree.

This page goes on and on but I call bullshit. These bikes are not safe or in ANY way a quality product, nor are they manufactured or supported by General Motors. They are simply a means of conveyance for spreading their famous brand name, and a bad one at that.

I sent out a few Tweets to GM hoping it may elicit some sort of response...

...but alas, my questions go unanswered, for the moment at least.

Is it dumb to go after them for something as simple as this? Probably, but only as dumb as the problem itself. Until they make it stop, I will be here, calling them out.

As I am sure, their lawyers will be calling me...