Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ridin' Dirty

Are you a Seahawk? Did you just win an NFC Championship? Good for you! Now do what any one would do and celebrate with a victory lap!

...On a Police bike no less! 

Oh, Michael Bennett, fans or not, for a moment, you made us all smile.
...Well, almost all of us that is:

"Now they got a bicyclllle!"

I kinda feel terrible for laughing at this kid's pain. I also kinda love this more than anything I have ever seen! Indeed this moment captures perfectly what all Packer fans were feeling. I should know, I have a few friends who could just as easily have been in that video.

Luckily for Bennett, The Seattle PD has a good sense of humor.

Be of good faith Cheese Heads, if Karma has taught us anything, it is that those fucking cheaters (the Patriots) will get what's coming to them, and will have their ass handed to them handily by the Seahawks. So you can still watch the Big Game, clutching your Tom Brady voodoo doll.

Stupid sexy Brady

As a Niner's fan, I could care less really, but for your sake, I certainly hope that those assholes get what's coming to them.
Hopefully your loss will not be in vain.
...There is always Hope.

So I am with you in spirit, as I too will be in front of my television, cheering on any team that is not the Pats and puking my guts out when 
Katty "Fucking" Perry takes the stage.

She is just terrible.

Anyway, Happy Foosballing, Fuck the Patriots and go Seahawks!

Click the video to stop it.