Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

Like the melting snow, the campus bikes are trickling in; in to a giant pool of wet, rusty, crap.  

Which is sweet I guess, I mean, it keeps me busy. Plus I get to yell at smart kids about maintaining their shit. Sometimes it awesome though because some kids don't simply abuse their bikes, they beat the shit out of them. If you think those things are one in the same, then clearly you have not seen the difference between them.

These kinds of people can be broken into two basic catagories:

A) Dude (or female dude for that matter) who leaves his (or her) bike out all winter. Like ALL winter... Snow plows burying them along with the bike racks they (and others) are are locked to. No lube, etc... and it was already a total shit show when they locked it up before the snow!

B) Other Dude. He actually rides his bike. Hell, he sometimes lubes the chain like you told him to. Problem is... he's a "Masher;" he likes to ride it in the hardest gear. He wears his shit out!

And yes, he literally wore a hole in his front derailleur!


Well anyway, Spring is here and I suppose I should start blogging again. I took a little break for a minute there and wanted to make sure ya'll knew I was still alive. I switched jobs as of the last post and am spending much of my time assimilating to the sudden shift in the employment paradigm. I also began writing a book. 

(it's a working title)

 We'll see how that goes, but for now, it does take a large part of my creative brain to do, which leaves me very little with which to blog before the "Thinky Pain" starts.

 Anyway, I hope to keep doing this. I have had several reservations along the way, but none of them have been enough to stop me, so I reckon I will keep on going. Plus, I have been checking in occasionally and people are still reading his every day. That makes me feel pretty good about it too.

Besides... There are a shit load more bikes out there

...and someone has to bitch about them.