Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Confessions of a Bicycle

For me, a life chained to a bike rack sounds less than ideal. Adding insult to injury, it's even worse to be ridden in to the ground and then chained to a bike rack for all eternity. It happens to bikes like me all the time. Though I am not sure what we did to deserve it. All we did is provide One with reliable transportation. We did our best to stay in one piece despite One's total lack of giving a shit about us. We tend to be quite vocal when it comes to the level of neglect we experience. We hate to be bothersome or annoying so we start off with a bit of gentle persuasion in the form of a squeaking chain. When our needs go unnoticed, we get a little louder. Perhaps a knocking sound from anyone of our four major bearing systems is in order.
If that doesn't do it, we have been known to make embarrassingly loud brake sounds. 

Perhaps I do deserve the blame. I should raise less of a fuss. Maybe it would just be easier to fall apart, in Peace, all at once. At least then it would be on MY terms. 
But that just doesn't sound like something I would do. 

What do you take me for... a Walmart bike?    

No, I'm gonna stick it out here, a prisoner in the Land of Martin's. Why? Well, because that is where you left me.

It's been about 8 months since you locked me up and walked away. I thought you were just going into the store, but you never came back. I even heard that you went back to your hometown leaving me here forever. So I sit here, poorly locked up and waiting to end up like this poor schmuck...

You remember him, right? Yeah, that poor bastard was here when I got here. I have it on pretty good authority from the BMX bike at the other end of the building that he showed up about a month before I did. But no one remembers what kind of bike he was.

Here's a picture of he and I together. 

You see, we are locked in the same manner which means it may only be a matter of time before it happens to me. Do you know what that is like? I mean, just... waiting. ?
Being chained to a bike rack day after day can get very lonely as well. Especially if you spend your days with a bike who is a portion of his former self. (He complains a lot. Sometimes I wish someone would cut his lock once and for all) We see people go in an out of the store all day, and they just walk right on by. A guy who works at a bike shop stops by occasionally and takes pictures for his stupid bike blog, but mostly to check in on our deteriorating condition and laugh at it for personal gain.

Just ask the BMX bike at the other end of the store...

He's freaking out because he has been left UNLOCKED for months now. Just sitting there...waiting. Then, here's some guy, taking pictures with a big grin on his face. What's that all about?

It's getting tougher to be a bike in this weather too. It's gotten much colder since we were left here. Now the snow is piling up and we are starting to rust up pretty good. I fear it will not be long before I succumb to either corrosion or theft. Either way, it's not looking good.
The silver lining? 

A ladies bike has been visiting for two months now. Things are starting to get pretty serious. It's getting difficult to be alone. We just have to ditch the "fifth wheel" I guess.

Yeah, he's still there, but for how long?

we will keep you posted... 

...as long as we make we to Spring.

Raleigh and Huffy.