Sunday, October 5, 2014

Saying Good-bye to a Friend: The Blog Can Wait.

Dearest friends:

Moments before I took to the web and began typing this, I received word that a friend and fellow cyclist had passed away. This is a person that I ride with on a weekly basis, one of those types that can often be found dragging his fellow cyclists around playing "catch me if you can." 
 The information is so recent that I am having trouble believing it.
 With the many recent losses it feels like I have had to find peace with, this one hits pretty close to home. As such, I feel that it is best to shut down the blog until I may process this in its entirety. After all, a man's life has ended. A life that certainly meant more to folks than does my shitty internet blog. 

While, for reasons of my own, I may never fully come to terms with this loss, I do hope to be back with you soon.

And I look forward to continue sharing with you what has already made me feel blessed beyond reason.

Thank you.