Monday, October 27, 2014

It's Not Getting Any Warmer.

So I had to put on my warm pants Saturday morning 'cause it is fricken cold out side...and yes, one leg at a time. I mean, I am pretty awesome but have yet to see anyone who can "hop" into their pants...
...Without help, that is.
Anyway, the commute was worth it but reminded me that it's not getting any warmer so I need to prepare. I have to take the Campy off of my commuter and bust out the damn snow tires because winter is on the way.

 Yuck :(

I was thinking though, in preparation for "Polar Vortex 2: Still Cold as FUCK," perhaps it's time I break down and get a fat bike,

Double Yuck :P

...On second thought, perhaps it's time I get a Lobotomy. 

Winters here are tough but my commuter, with its 2.1" wide tires and the beer carrying capacity of a Toyota Camry, it is weighed down like a dog sled and should do just fine for now. 

Naturally, business is winding down this time of year and will certainly yield less hilarity but I will certainly try to find some industry crap to make fun of in lieu of customer's bikes. 

That means that I will be scanning the interwebs to find the latest and greatest deals on "Rad" bike products like:

"Bike Wheel Rims Reflective Stickers Luminous Bicycle Safety Kid Easy Protection"
Yeah, that's pretty neat but I find myself wondering, "how many lumens is that?"
Doesn't matter anyway, as I would rather spend my hard-earned "cheddar" on these bad boys:
(go ahead and watch the video... I can wait)

(reminds me of my "rave" days ;)

A steal at just $10, but a sure thing if they play that music while I ride on them.
Regardless, I may have just found a way to brighten up what is sure to be a dark and dreary winter. 

In all seriousness, if you really want to treat yourself to something nice this winter, check out a wool, ear-flap cap from Walz.

Warm, wooley, Walz caps.

If you don't buy some, I will be forced to take up some new sponsors to heat the house this winter.

Any way, If you do not hear from me the rest of the week it will be because I am currently inundated by the immense task of preparing for a family road trip to Colorado. Though that sounds like fun (17 hours in the car with the kids? Sounds like a HOOT!) it will not be all fun and games. I am headed to the Bill Woodul Race Mechanics Clinic at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.
I will try to find some cool stuff to post from there if I can, or perhaps wait till I get back. Either way, I am off to the land of Bicycles and Beer,
to drink bikes and ride beers...

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