Thursday, July 17, 2014

On the Podium: With Walz Caps

The great BikeSnobNYC has once again teamed up with the great Walz Caps to bring you another great cap!

 (Did I mention they are Great?!)

The guys at Walz have been, well, great in providing me with caps that are well worth talking about. If you remember, I have been fortunate enough to have collected two other BSNYC caps. 

The latest one pictured above is of the wicking variety, and is in a class all it's own.

You see, I am a heavy sweater (a person who sweats a lot, not a dense garment used to stay warm)
and as I had explained in the previous blog, I find it hard to wear caps while riding in the warmer months without wanting to rip it from my head mid-ride. The first time I tried a Walz cap I was mostly impressed by the wicking fabric that they use in the head band area. Keeping the sweat off of my face soon became easier with their caps than with others I have tried.

This particular cap, is all wicking material. It is the lightest, most airy cap I have ever worn.
Possibly more important than that, It commemorates one of the greatest moments in cycling history*

 ...the moment the first Fred captured on tape, breaking the speed barrier at which it makes a Fred go, "Woo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo!" 
This moment will forever be know as 
"Fred Woo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo! Speed"

*the most dork-tastic documentation of anything cycling related.

Though I have no room to speak considering I am the founder of the Strava Club:

But I digress...

It is no secret that I had recently won my first EVER* mountain bike bicycle cycling off road MTB event, and did so in the aforementioned cap.

*Not my first rodeo ;)

In an effort to bring cycling caps back to the podium,
(check out "Caps Not Hats") 
I was sure to keep this one on for the pictures. Sure it was emblazoned with the the "46 flamed logo" to commemorate that historical day, and yeah, it made me look super cool, but most important was indeed its function. It really did come in handy, as I usually continually douse my head with water during a race. The wicking material alone was good enough at moving moisture away from the skin through capillary action, but by soaking it in water it was like attaching an air conditioner to my helmet. Granted, I never reached the terminal velocity that is Fred Woo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo speed, but I kept my cool (pun intended) even after crashing hard, and grabbed myself a spot atop the podium.

I could not recommend a better cycling cap.

Thanks to the folks at Walz Caps for coming along for the ride,
 and thanks for reading.