Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nothing New Under the Sun

Keeping it brief today, but I got to thinking, "man I have seen it all"
...I was wrong.

Just when I thought it was safe to sit back and think, "maybe people are finally going to take care of their shit....

BAM!! That. Just. happened!

Damn! Your BB cup hates your bike so much that it backed out of the frame only to beat the shit out of your crank arm, just to prove a point!


Your bike can prove its hatred for you in other ways too...
Consider the oft neglected derailleur cables that, when rusted to shit, unwind inside your shifter...

("I think something is like, wrong, with the shifty-thingy?")

Yeah, something is wrong and believe it or not, it is the "shifty-thingy."
Wow, maybe they are learning from me. Or, maybe not...

Proof that it doesn't matter if it is a $10 bike, or a $10,000 bike, there is indeed NOTHING I can do to correct peoples attitude of neglect toward their bicycles. I can only sit back and complain about it on the internet for my own personal gain. So thanks to you for never learning from your mistakes and  for giving my life meaning.

...And now I present you with a laugh for the day, just to lighten the mood.

...and to keep me from killing you in your sleep.

Good night everybody!