Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No good deed goes unpunished

Karma is a bitch for sure. Let me take you through my day thus far...
Driving my daughter to school, a bunny runs out in front of my car. I quickly bring traffic behind me to a stand still to allow for the bunny's safe passage. No doubt I pissed off a few motorists, but hell, 
I don't want to kill a bunny, do you? I certainly don't want my kid to see that. Now the bunny is frolicking with his bunny friends, and likely humping like, well...a bunny.

Good deed for the day? I thought so, until we get to the school. It seems that all the kids are wearing silly hats, as my daughter informs me 
"oh, no! I forgot, it's silly hat day." 
"Dad, do you have a "bike hat" in the car?"
 Any other day, and yes I would have had one on my head, 
today I did not, and then the tears...
 "can you go get me one from home? Please?" 
So what did I do? I of course drive home, grab a cycling cap and take it to school. Now she is frolicking with her hatted pals, and the tears are all dried up. I am starting to feel pretty good about myself about now. 
That of course is where I made my mistake...

See, I am normally sort of a Pessimist (as if you couldn't tell by now). I generally like to expect the worst case in the event that it works out better than I had thought. That way it becomes a bright spot on an otherwise dreary life experience. Being an Optimist just sets you up for disappointment. If you expect the best, and life shits on you instead, you can be left feeling pretty, well... shitty. It's no day at the park for sure. With that in mind, I like to think of myself as more of a Realist. Like me, the Realist tends to call it as they see it.

   (I'm the guy on the right ;)

So back to the story: I am the kind of guy that will hold a door open for multiple people even if it means they will be ahead of me in line. What do I care if I get my coffee 2 minutes after they do? This morning however, still feeling great about my good deed doing for the day, I forget myself and my surroundings (Big Box Coffee Shop on every corner in America). What do I get in return for holding the door for 4 people who all looked me in the face as they passed? Not so much as one thank you. I mean, I guess I shouldn't have expected it, as these are the same entitled pricks who sit in an SUV convoy that stretches around the building with engines running and looking down at their "smart" phones, while they bitch at the Barista  for taking so long. 

 I hope you choke on your Latte asshole.

"What does today's blog have to do with bicycles?" you ask...

Well, at least the story had a cycling cap in it.