Monday, April 28, 2014

Thought for the Day...

I don't have a lot of time for today's post as I need to finish drafting my dissertation entitled 
"Nuclear Fusion and YOU." Hopefully this will be the ticket to landing that Genius Grant from the MacArthur Foundation. 
Meanwhile, this comes across my radar via social media: 
And I am fucking outraged. Yeah it was a year ago, but hey word doesn't travel too fast these days. I mean, with all the social media out there, you can show me a picture of your fucking dinner or your cat. But when a kid is killed while riding a bike, it gets swept under the rug because motorists are protected by the law that says: "oh, you didn't see him?" or "oh, he should not have been riding in the streets." Since we don't matter to the general public, all you see on your Facebook feed is your relatives "sharing" the Tea Party agenda, or "Try this crazy wrap thingy, it really works!" Indeed, life has been made less important than your sepia-tone "selfies," and which restaurant has the best "cronut." 
I'm getting a little off topic, but I think you hear what I am driving at.

Basically, Lady in a huge ass SUV hits 3 teens riding bikes. All three were riding with traffic (which is correct) and hit from behind. The driver claims "in court papers the accident caused her “great pain and suffering” and accuses her victim Brandon Majewski 17, and his two friends of negligence, calling them “incompetent bicyclists...” 

She is suing the dead teen's family, as well as the two other teens she hit for "more than $1 million"
 for "emotional trauma." 

I can't even begin to rationalize this in any way. Nor can I accept it as reality. 

I'm going to stop here as I often make an ass of myself and say something offensive (more so than usual anyway) but I leave you with this: If you cannot operate your vehicle without killing someone, you just might be doing something wrong. If you cannot operate your fucking brain efficiently enough to realize that suing the person you killed is absolutely ludicrous on the face of it, well then there is a special place in Hell for you.