Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I Never Have to Leave the House Again

I know I missed much of the goings on in the world whilst nursing this illness but it was hard not to miss this one. Mostly on account of the local news outlets falling all over themselves to bring you this 'heart warming' story.

"In a video, made to advertise Flying V, Vince Brabhan is portrayed as a hometown hero, helping grow South Bend."

That's right, we have bike messengers now. Bearded ones, on brakeless fixies. And they fancy themselves a Super Hero.

That's quite the business model. Probably worked well when their was the one dude, living in what appears to be a tent inside a house,

which is either what all the cool kids do in LA, or totally fucking baller. I have not decided one way or another. Regardless, working only on tips, I am not sure how they plan to make a living. I say "they" because now they are three. 

(Thanks mitosis)

I must say, it seems likely that this is the primary reason for the story blowing up. When it was one guy on Vimeo, sure bike guys (and gals ;) thought it was a great idea, but the minute there is more than one cyclist doing anything around here, the media has to get in on it. A Dad gets killed on his way home from work, hardly a paragraph in the paper. Three dudes on bikes delivering stuff?? Well that's front page news...

Honestly, I am surprised how well this has been received. I really thought it might play out differently on the evening news.

Then again, there are only three of these guys for now. Wait till there are 50 or so, blasting through the streets, around cars and pedestrians. Then perhaps the novelty will have worn off. Won't take long before the villagers are screaming, KILL IT!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!
I mean, you can't expect to be a Super Hero and not get the Spiderman treatment eventually.


Nah, I am sure they are great guys and I will likely see them scooting down the same bike lanes as I, giving me the finger as they pass.
I kid them because it is a great idea that I wish I had the nuts to have started first. Also because making fun of dudes that ride fixies with no brakes all over the city, is kind of what I do. All joking aside, I really do wish them the best. I mean, this isn't the biggest city by any means, but with two colleges surrounding us and a newly gentrified Metropolis right in the middle of it, they may be able to make it on beer deliveries alone.

Perhaps one day, when this Blog thing takes off I can finally spend my days riding my bike for tips.