Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm not always angry though...

This is not meant to be a bitch fest, I mean, no one wants to hear someone whine all the time. I also hope to share why I love what I do. 

So here's some bike porn for ya. 

This is a top of the line Waterford that I got to build the other day. 

Complete with beautiful Velo Orange hammered fenders, and Campagnolo Chorus. 

The most beautiful hand filed stainless lugs you will ever see

 This bicycle will not sit on display. It will likely see hundreds of thousands of miles as a loaded touring bike. 

"Price tag?" You say... $10,000 

Still not the biggest ticket item I have built, but easily my favorite. 

Stay tuned for some other great builds:
-Bianchi Oltre Super Record EPS
-1942 Bates with a Sturmey Archer ASC 
3 spees Fixed gear hub
And more. 

Like I said, it's things like this that make me love what I do. It's the other things that make it insufferable. 

I will spare you the details for tonight, but after that, no one is safe.