Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Killing Me Softly

Honestly, after the last six years wrenching in this biz, I am starting to think that you want me to have an aneurism when you keep bringing me shit that looks like this:

I mean, how else can I explain it? I have explained, at length, the proper way to lube a chain to damn near everyone within the reach of my voice so at this point there is no Earthly reason why One's equipment should look like this and the fact that it does leads me to believe that this person not only wears a helmet whilst cycling but may also be required to wear one by law at all times. 

...and they keep seeking me out too because I am too damn nice (believe it or not) to look them in the eye and tell them to "get lost." So what happens when another bike shop thinks it "beneath them" to help out the ones who probably just need some guidance? They send them to me. Literally, they give them my name and send them to the shop at which I work. All because they were too damn lazy to clean some crud out of a derailleur pulley or two. Oh well, could be worse I guess...

Regardless of my efforts and no matter how clean I can make a bicycle, the next jack ass in line is just as bad.

"So, I broke this a while back but the tape seems to be holding just fine."

Yeah- Good luck with that dip shit.

All I am saying here is that by simply giving ONE, just one solitary "Fuck,"
you could avoid paying more than you should for me to tell you that you suck at bikes. Still, the attitude that you give me is a little more like this:

Well, I call bullshit.