Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Caps NOT Hats

Since 2014, Walz Caps have been a big part of my cycling experience, offering a variety of caps for every purpose and style. I use them every day, even when I am not cycling (I am wearing one right now) and I look for more all the time. I am up to about a dozen Walz Caps in wool, cotton, and wicking varieties all with their own distinct "flavor"

(naughty caps taking a bath ; )

I also own at least a dozen non-Walz caps which now sit idle for two reasons, they seriously suck in comparison and, well I can't shamelessly promote Walz if I am not wearing their caps all of the time now can I? That said, in the before times I didn't know any better. I wore cotton-polly blends that I would buy when ever I would visit a shop during my travels. Some have even been given to me from other brands as well. THIS cap for instance, was given to me by a local bicycle-themed eatery. 

It does not say who makes it (and I didn't ask), outwardly, it would appear that this cap is very similar to the wicking cap offered by Walz, it is where this cap falls short that I begin to draw the distinction between a good cap and a great one. 

Built into this cap is an elastic band that serves as a sponge. It is much thicker and taller (meaning it takes up more surface area on the skin) and quite honestly, gets itchy when it is 80 degrees outside. 

The Walz cap on the other hand...

...has a headband constructed with moisture wicking material. Not only is it soft to the touch but also has less of a "foot print." It is very pleasant to wear for long periods and while it unavoidably gets sweaty, the moisture is pulled from the skin leaving a cooling effect while riding. 

Another reason the other cap does not hold up to the litmus test is the bill. 

Much thicker than the Walz bill, it is not only harder to flip up but if you fold it up and put it in your pocket (which is sometimes the case when it is just too damn hot for a cap) the bill gets creased and stays that way until you manipulate it back in to shape. That in combination with its shape makes for an ill-fitting cap. Its kind of like buying a carbon Pinarello knock-off from China. It looks like one, but it is not.

To be fair, it should be noted that the proprietor of a local establishment gave me this cap for completing some service work on his classic Motobecane road bike. Knowing that I love caps he gave me this one for which I am grateful. I do wear it occasionally though now that my wife has begun mountain biking it has been claimed as her own. It is a fine cap which represents to me someone being kind enough to thank me for work that he deemed "above category." 
It's as simple as that and that is what it will remain.

So clearly I heart caps. And Walz are the best. If you want to try one and you don't know what a BikeSnobNYC is then maybe try this wicking cap...

Proceeds to Amy D. Foundation. Click HERE to learn more, click HERE to buy one.

Now, I bought TWO of these last time so I expect you to do better than that ;)

After that, get off the internet and go ride a bike.