Tuesday, December 17, 2013

You're so vain, I bet you think this blog is about you

If you are the type of person who is easily offended by the words that I write, perhaps you are the type person I am writing about. It's easy to get your panties in a twist if someone calls you out on your bullshit. I just want you to know that your sense of entitlement does not give you the right to triple park in front of our door to offload your kid's piece of shit, Walmart bike. 
A bike that he/she could easily have brought to us themselves, like a "big kid," but instead called mom or dad to pick it up with their ginormous fucking SUV which they subsequently use to block the entrance to your store.  
No, the entitled youth had been coddled through life thus far and cannot be bothered to perform menial tasks themselves. 
Indeed parental influences have rubbed off on their offspring, as clearly, the 
Ass does not fall far from the Ass Tree. 

Merry Christmas! And remember if you buy your kid a bike at walmart beware...

But don't waste your time, he doesn't want it anyway. 

Love Queso.